Who We are

A team of experts, Continuously Innovating

HORIZON is today’s approach to lab information management, based on more than 30 years of industry leadership. Some of the most mission-critical marketplaces apply our product – each one important to millions every day. From water/environment labs to government public health labs to private clinical labs, HORIZON is designed to be the LIMS of choice for any size lab. If you collect, process and test samples, HORIZON is your lab’s solution.

Transform your lab for the future

Our Team

At HORIZON, our team is your team because implementing and using a LIMS truly is a team effort. We work side by side with you and your lab to offer transformative technology supported by industry leaders and experts. Together we can power your lab to the next level while delivering the accuracy and results people need. We strive to truly be a partner, not a vendor, that supports your lab now and in the future.


It’s all about flexibility, accuracy and a focus on what’s really important – people. This industry impacts countless lives. Whether your lab tests for water quality, health issues, environmental safety or anything else, people are relying on you for results. HORIZON achieves this by not only providing a cutting edge LIMS, but empowers it with an industry leading team to provide the support you need along the way.