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Creating great products: A partnership with our clients!

We create technology to transform the state of healthcare. We don’t do it alone. We do it with deep insight of the industry and intelligence from our clients. So that’s why the team headed to San Antonio to meet with hundreds of lab technicians and scientists – every one of them helps us develop and enhance our HORIZON laboratory information management system.

HORIZON User Technology Forum is a hit. Here’s what you missed

The three-day event kicked off with a celebration. HORIZON celebrated 30 years of making labs more efficient, effective and easy to use. Red Arrow’s President, Dale Mittelstaedt, reflected on the product’s impact and its bright future. Eric Dingfelder, General Manager, gave an overview of this past year’s achievements and how the product continues to evolve:

User-friendly design with HORIZON v12

People expect their software to be feature rich and easy to use, and our customers are no different. One of the major updates to the HORIZON latest release, v12, was a new user interface, designed with the end-user in mind. HORIZON v12 brings an elegant front-end and combines it with the flexibility and reliability our clients depend on; the best of both worlds. This new platform allows us to take advantage of the latest technology trends and advancements to help power laboratory needs today and tomorrow – including a robust API for seamless integration with other systems and enhanced data analytics.

Flexibility with HORIZON Field

As the industry evolves, so does HORIZON. Our latest tablet application, HORIZON Field, allows collectors to easily enter sample information and test results, eliminating the need for paper tracking in the field. This means they can now interact with HORIZON seamlessly anywhere, providing even more flexibility and freedom.

Future-proofing HORIZON

HORIZON LIMS, powered by Red Arrow Labs, continues to innovate and deliver results. These results directly impact thousands of people who rely on them for water safety, disease readiness and other health issues. We believe in the future of HORIZON and we’re excited to share all of the new features, plus our roadmap and vision. Our customers provide us with invaluable feedback each forum, ensuring we continually provide a flexible, friendly and future-proof product. Thanks to everyone who made the trip and make an impact every day!