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No matter what industry it serves, we all know that a great LIMS needs to accomplish common things. Accurate results. Insightful reporting. All in an efficient, effective and easy-to-use platform/interface. Mission-critical marketplaces rely on HORIZON. From water quality testing labs to government public health labs to private clinical labs, HORIZON is designed to be the LIMS of choice for any size or type of lab. HORIZON is also an exceptional clinical lab software solution. If you collect, process and test samples, HORIZON puts you in better control of your lab.

LIMS vs. LIS? What is the Difference?

Acronyms are big in the lab world. LIMS is Laboratory Information Management System. And a LIS is a Laboratory Information System. The only thing that is clear by the nomenclature is that it’s easy to see why the two systems are frequently confused. Essentially, LIMS and LIS are the same thing. The origin story behind the two labels stem from the markets in which they originated. In the hospital and clinical market, the solution was known as LIS. In all other lab types, the term LIMS was common. The two names are now interchangeable, as functionality and configurability are more tied to the platform itself, rather than the markets it serves.

"Pace Analytical Services has invested heavily in systems automation and electronic communications in order to enhance response time, service quality, and analytical capabilities across our sixteen laboratories and the LIMS is a key component of our continued success."

- CEO, Pace Analytical Services Inc.

Wheat field

Our LIMS intuitively configures to your lab based on your needs. Every industry where our system is implemented is reaping the benefits.

Helping Water Quality Testing Labs manage complex field collection and testing regimens.

Supporting Public Health Labs secure electronic transfer of data.

Enabling Clinical, Toxicology Labs to report results within 24 hours.

Giving Environmental Labs the ability to quickly test hundreds of parameters and unknowns.

Agile, Adaptable & Able to Work Anywhere

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HORIZON is designed to integrate with any lab no matter what you sample and test. If you are interested in learning how HORIZON can help your lab please contact us.