Environmental & Industrial Hygiene Labs

HORIZON LIMS for Environmental Laboratories

Environmental laboratories perform State and Federal testing for drinking water, wastewater, solids, biomonitoring, mold and spore testing, microbiology, and impact studies. As sustainability takes center stage, so must the quality and accuracy of the data generated by environmental labs. Whether commercial, environmental, public health and safety or municipal-related, strict quality assurance by state and federal programs apply as guided by TNI, ISO/IEC 17025, or local mandates. 

Environmental laboratory decision-makers will tell you, while quality is first the priority, holding times, special projects, unexpected samples, quick turn-times, and myriad other pressures equally compete for second place.  A quality environmental LIMS streamlines processes, putting all critical information at your team’s fingertips, neatly prioritized based upon your laboratory’s requirements.  The best environmental LIMS ensures proper utilization of resources while ensuring the quality control every step of the way.  

HORIZON offers a powerful environmental LIMS that automates many of the processes that occur in day to day operations from quoting and sampling protocol to barcoding and automated data import from instruments to final reports and EDDs. Every sample is tracked from cradle to grave within HORIZON allowing for notes along the way if/as needed. Whether a simple analytical test with a simple report or a Level IV data package, HORIZON has you covered.

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